We are concerned alumni and supporters of the University of Louisville.  If you are at this site you may have read an article about us or seen our billboard.  We are respectfully asking David Grissom and Dr. Greg Postel to resign from their positions with the University of Louisville and allow others to lead the University going forward.  We are not formally affiliated with UofL or sponsored by the Unversity.  There is no common denominator among our group other than the desire for UofL to succeed in every respect in the future.

We do not have personal animosity toward Mr. Grissom and Dr. Postel, but simply do not believe they are the best leaders for UofL at this time.  Both Mr. Grissom and Dr. Postel have said that they want the best for the University. If they truly care as deeply about UofL as they have expressed, they would acknowledge that there are people better suited to lead our University.

This is not a dispute over any isolated decision made by UofL leadership, but about a holistic review of what UofL has accomplished since the Board of Trustees was reformed in late 2016.


  • UofL’s leaders have not been transparent about major decisions, including Mr. Grissom supporting a closed search for the new permanent president, and creating a private committee to explore litigation against various parties.
  • The Board of Trustees has held meetings in violation of open meetings laws.
  • Mr. Grissom has requested board members not to speak to media about board decisions.
  • Mr. Grissom and Dr. Postel have questioned U of L’s ability to continue as a public institution.
  • The Board of Trustees has failed to pick a permanent president in nearly two years.
  • They have engaged in public and expensive disputes with former employees, hiring a private investigator and releasing aggressive letters, which we believe has resulted in damage to UofL, unnecessary negative headlines and lost donations.
  • They decided that UofL will not appeal the NCAA’s recent decision to vacate our men’s basketball title because an appeal would be expensive, without publicly requesting feedback from alumni and donors about their desire to fund an appeal.
  • We believe the failure to include alumni and other stakeholders in important decisions has resulted in low morale and a divided base.
  • Donations are significantly down within the last year, and at least two high-profile donors have withdrawn multi-million-dollar pledges.
  • Several excellent fundraisers who worked for UofL have resigned or been let go at a time when there is a grave need to raise money.

Mr. Grissom and Dr. Postel may blame falling donations and other issues at UofL on “the mess” left by prior employees and administrators.  If Mr. Grissom and Dr. Postel were correcting “the mess” then we would applaud their efforts. The problem is they haven’t fixed “the mess.”  Simply blaming past associates for problems in no way helps the University of Louisville.   We would like to see measurable improvements.  UofL made progress in several areas before the new board was appointed, including increased graduation rates, improved student academic profile, and a physical transformation of campus.  Acknowledging these positives of UofL will do more good for the University than focusing on “the mess.”  UofL’s leaders should be more positive and transparent with the community in their plans to move the University forward.

At this point, the University needs to find leaders who will lead with conviction. Don’t sit idly by and hope for the best. We need leaders who will take action and fight for the University of Louisville.



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